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At Infinity we apply an Integrative and Functional approach to medicine and wellness. Unlike a traditional office visit, Dr. Messina not only does a thorough examination, but also spends time to review all aspects of your medical history. Although she specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to help both men and women with hormone deficiencies and imbalances, she sees patient's for many common but often misunderstood medical problems.

What is Integrative Medicine?
Integrative medicine is a term used to describe the use of different treatment modalities to treat the patient. This includes the doctor and patient working together in determining what treatment option is best for the individual. A functional approach is used, looking at the whole person including physical, emotional and psychological factors. Treatment can include vitamins, minerals, bio-identical hormones, herbs, and/or pharmaceuticals. Stress reduction through meditation, visualization, yoga and other modalities is highly encouraged and also offered at our facility. See class schedules. Depending on your individual symptoms, testing can include micronutrient analysis (I want to add a link to the lab we use), hormone testing, analysis of gut function, gluten sensitivity testing, yeast testing, allergy testing and others.

Commonly treated ailments include:
Adrenal Dysfunction
Gut Dysfunction/Irritable/Inflammatory Bowel
Hormone Imbalances
Metabolic Disorders
Thyroid Dysfunction


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